By Blinklearning and Macmillan Education

London-Madrid, October 12th 2015 — Macmillan Education, a leading global publisher of English Language Teaching (ELT) and school curriculum materials, and Blinklearning, a company at the forefront of educational technologies, today announced a global partnership.

Macmillan Education, widely recognized for its innovative publishing and award-winning materials over the last 170 years, will enhance its next-generation digital services by collaborating with Blinklearning, drawing on its technical expertise in delivering educational digital content.

This latest step for Macmillan Education forms a part of its far-reaching digital strategy and builds on its history of driving digital publishing with the launch of a new suite of digital products for students.

These newly-enhanced products will present the highest quality content in easy to use formats and will allow Macmillan Education to create digital textbooks, teacher presentation kits, online workbooks and other classroom tools using the most innovative technology. The products will be available to students and teachers globally from November 2015.

“Macmillan Education is a name synonymous with high-quality publishing around the world and we continue to look for new ways to blend strong pedagogy with new technology”, said Penny Forsyth, Chief Digital Officer for Macmillan Education, “We’re confident that this partnership with Blinklearning will lead to exciting advances for our customers”.

“Blinklearning’s mission is to improve education quality through useful and accessible technology,” said Blinklearning Founder and CEO Gonzalo Baranda. “We’re excited to strengthen our operations with such a leading publisher as Macmillan Education and to reinforce our international expansion”.

Macmillan Education and Blinklearning have been working closely together since signing a content agreement in 2015. With this new deal, the companies are strengthening their partnership and working together to build a next-generation digital product with user experience at the forefront.


Macmillan Education is one of the world’s leading publishers of English Language Teaching and school curriculum materials, with 170 years of publishing experience. Operating in over 120 countries worldwide, we get close to the students, teachers, institutions and educational authorities using our products and materials and listen to what they need. Today we publish ELT and school curriculum materials in print, digital and online formats to suit the needs of classrooms around the world, and we support teachers by offering the training they need to deliver the best experience to their students.


Blinklearning is a leading company in the development of technological solutions applied to education. Through Blinklearning, teachers and students can access digital content from the world’s biggest educational publishers, as well as completing exercises, managing grades and interacting using the platform’s own messaging feature. Additionally, Blinklearning boasts a comprehensive authoring tool that allows users to create their own content, and to make this content available on any device, both on- and off-line.

Blinklearning is currently used in 2,000 schools worldwide and works with the most prominent educational publishers. At present, the company is continuing its expansion and increasing its international presence in Asia, with its services reaching 40 countries. Our goal is to continue to innovate, and to help teachers to teach better.


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