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Blinklearning is a multi-publisher digital educational platform whose main goal is to provide schools with innovative technological solutions which all teachers can use easily.

Driven by this commitment, Blinklearning is now making its exclusive Academic Level Online Tests available to all schools who wish to apply, allowing them to track their students’ performnce and compare it to other participating schools.

To sign up, send an email to

Based on learning analytics technology developed by Blinklearning and stemming from massive data mass generated by students during the learning process, the Academic Level Online Tests report includes:

  • Individual test results for each student: the report will provide detailed data on the individual performance of each student, information that will allow teachers to identify the needs of each student and customize content for them accordingly.
  • Statistics by level and subject: the results include the average grade for subjects according to previously ascribed skills. Additionally, the report will provide both the average grades for a specific class and the overall average grades of the school.
  • Global school data
  • Comparative analysis of participating schools: the report will enable each center to compare their results with other schools. In this manner, Blinklearning seeks to provide valuable information to identify strengths and weaknesses and help schools to implement improvement plans.
An example of Blink’s Academic Level Online Tests report in Spanish. Upon request, reports can be generated in English or any of Blink’s 9 supported languages.

Tests will be conducted entirely through the Blinklearning platform, so it will be necessary for students to have access to a computer or tablet in addition to internet connection in order to complete them.

The tests cover Language and Mathematics for students in primary and secondary. All tests have been designed by experienced teachers.

Schools interested in taking part in the Academic Level Online Tests can contact Blinklearning by sending an email to

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