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Over recent weeks, we have often heard a term that is gaining ground in education: digital backpacks.

The number of titles published in digital format is growing. According to data published by the Spanish National Association of Publishers of Books and Teaching Materials, the supply of digital textbooks rose from 3,209 in 2013 to 12,646 titles for the 2015-2016 school year.

Benefits of digital backpacks

  • Reducing the weight of the traditional backpack: Experts say the backpack load should not exceed 10% of body weight. However, it is not surprising that the bulk consisting of textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies exceed the recommended maximum weight that should be carried. With digital backpacks, all digital books as well as a wide variety of materials and educational content (calculator, dictionary, world maps, phone book, calendar …) become available in a single device.
  • Interactivity: as digital natives, younger generations are more comfortable and feel more motivated when working with interactive formats.
  • Enriching textbooks with additional content: the digital format allows teachers to supplement the original publisher’s book with extra content and digital resources (video, interactive activities, external links …) within the book itself.
  • Easier purchasing process: schools can create their own digital backpacks for each Year including all the necessary digital textbooks. Thus, parents and teachers can acquire the material quickly and easily with just a few clicks.
  • Increased communication capabilities between teachers and students: by being able to remotely access their students’ digital books, teachers can easily follow their progress and engagement with the content, grade their work, and leave them notes and suggestions. These features greatly change the dynamic between student and teacher, and most education sector professionals agree that the change is vastly positive.


Digital backpacks present a solution to the problem involving excessive weight in the traditional backpack.


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How do digital backpacks work?

Blinklearning’s Digital Backpacks are available through BlinkShop, a tool integrated into our online shop and designed to make the purchase of digital books for a full school year even easier. This new functionality allows schools to make their own digital backpacks for each Year including books, both text and literature. With just a few clicks, parents and teachers are able to buy all necessary material.

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