The 2nd Academic Level Online Tests developed by Blinklearning have been recently concluded. The tests allowed 35 schools in Spain to ascertain the academic level of their students and compare those results to all participating schools’.

In this second installment, involving a total of 8,000 students, the tests were divided by Year, ranging from Years 5 through 11.

Each school received a personalized report with the individual results of each student, average grade statistics by level and subject, global school data and a comparative analysis of the other participating schools.

8.000 students from 35 different schools in Spain took part in the Academic Level Online Tests.

Some of the most relevant conclusions as a result of these tests were:

  • The overall results in Mathematics are between 1 and 2 grade points lower than Language in all courses.
  • Math and Geometry at different levels of Secondary were the academic skills with the lowest grades compared to the global average. Moreover, in these Year, Algebra has been the matter with better results.
  • In what pertains to Language grades in Primary there is positive data regarding Spelling and Reading Comprehension; however, results for grammar fared lower.
  • In Language, differences were not significant between Primary and Secondary students’ results. A positive average in Spelling and Reading Comprehension was met with negative results in Linguistics, Literature and Culture.

Now that this round of tests has been successfully concluded, schools can already sign up for the one taking place next school year.

Each scool received a compreensive and personalized report of the results.

Schools interested in taking part in next year’s Academic Level Online Tests can reach us at